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Ohad Idan

Founder and CEO

Scheduling a meeting:

Ohad Idan is the founder of Praxis, a consulting company dedicated to help businesses get the most out of the Salesforce platform.

Before he founded Praxis, Ohad spent many years in operational, technical, and managerial positions in logistics, manufacturing, and technology companies. Believing that technology, when used correctly, empowers employees to get more done in less time, he was amazed how often it instead made things more difficult.

After his boss handed him the keys to the company’s Salesforce environment in 2010 he had an epiphany when he realized the potential it holds to change how businesses operate. He began to teach himself development and started to attend, and later contribute to the local user groups meetups and events in NYC. In 2014 he became the co-leader of the Salesforce NYC Developers User Group, teaching new developers and collaborating with experienced ones. In 2017 Ohad was nominated and selected a Salesforce MVP in recognition of his contribution to the community.

Ohad was born and raised in Israel, and in 2003, after 3 years in the Israeli Defense Forces’ Air Force moved to New York City. After a few years in New York he moved to New Jersey, where he now lives with his wife, Kerrie, and their adorable cat, Peppy.

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