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The Rise of the Declarative Developer!

The Changing Role of Salesforce Administrators

In recent years, the landscape of Salesforce administration and development has undergone a significant transformation, redefining the skill set and responsibilities required in this evolving field. At the forefront of this revolution is Praxis Solutions LLC, a company that is trailblazing a path for the next generation of Declarative Developers on the Salesforce platform.

Traditionally, system administrators focus on basic platform maintenance, user management, and simple data operations. However, while the Salesforce Administrator role was always more involved, it has continued to expand rapidly and dramatically. With Salesforce continually enhancing its capabilities, especially in areas like Flow – a powerful tool for visual programming – the expectations from administrators have escalated.

Flow empowers users to automate complex business processes without writing a single line of code. This shift towards more sophisticated tools like Flow necessitates a deeper understanding of system design and process automation, marking a significant departure from the old definitions of a Salesforce admin.

Praxis Solutions LLC: Leading the Charge

Praxis Solutions LLC has recognized this shift and is actively leading the charge in nurturing and deploying a new breed of Salesforce professionals – Declarative Developers. These individuals are not just administrators; they are strategic thinkers and creative problem solvers who leverage the declarative, or no/low-code, capabilities of Salesforce to architect and implement complex business solutions.

The Declarative Developer, as envisioned by Praxis Solutions LLC, transcends traditional boundaries. They are adept at utilizing tools like Salesforce Flow to their fullest potential, creating robust, scalable, and efficient solutions that align with business objectives.

Bridging the Skill Gap

In the process of redefining the Salesforce profession, Praxis Solutions LLC has observed a widening skill gap in the industry. This gap is particularly evident in the recruitment and hiring landscape, where finding individuals equipped with the necessary skill set for this new era of Salesforce development has become increasingly challenging. Over the past year, Praxis has interviewed dozens of candidates many of whom, even with a collection of certifications and years of experience, lacked knowledge of development concepts, and advanced tooling that is required and foundational to be an effective Declarative Developer. 

The Praxis interview process touches on many concepts and features such as Security, Platform Events, Custom Metadata, Custom Permissions, Object relationships (data modeling), separation of concerns, asynchronous processing, governor limits, LOTS of process automation, and more. 

The Future of Salesforce Development

As Salesforce continues to evolve, so does the role of its developers and administrators. Praxis Solutions LLC is not just adapting to these changes; it is actively shaping the future of Salesforce development. By embracing the concept of Declarative Developers and investing in the upskilling of its team, Praxis Solutions is not only addressing the current skill gap but also setting a standard for the industry.

The continued transformation in the Salesforce ecosystem is an opportunity for professionals and organizations alike to redefine their roles and capabilities. Praxis Solutions LLC stands at the vanguard of this transformation, championing the rise of the next generation of Salesforce Declarative Developers, and in doing so, is paving the way for the future of innovative and efficient business solutions on the Salesforce platform.

What’s Next?

Effective today, and forever, Praxis will refer to Administrators as Declarative Developers. We will continue to push our team to be on the bleeding edge of Salesforce development, and we will be leading the charge to help all Administrators transition to Declarative Developers. 

Connect with us and learn how we can help you with your projects, or help upskill your team to become part of the next generation of Declarative Developers. 

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