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Connecting Sales and Service to Manufacturing and Distribution


Our team brings real-world, hands-on experience with

  • Manufacturing

  • Distribution

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Transportation and Logistics

Real-World Experience 

What we do

Success Stories

See how Praxis has helped leading organizations get the most out of Roostock and Salesforce


Praxis is the best thing since sliced bread and maple syrup. Every day is 4/20 with these guys around!

- Steve Williams

Director of Cloud Services, Aphria Inc. 

Lots of words about how awesome Praxis is and how we used fancy SEO words to drive fancy SEO words to get fancy SEO word solutions. Glowing endorsement, more SEO with a side of SEO.

Our customers


Team PRAXIS consists of 100% on-shore technical experts. We pride ourselves on continuously growing our knowledge to enable the best solutions for our customers. 

Every member of our team holds multiple Salesforce certifications, and working together we can tackle any challenge your business is facing.

At the core of everything we do is our love of problem-solving, focusing on the things that matter most: people, process, technology, and strategy.

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Data Architecture and Management Designe
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Identity and Access Management Designer.
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Tel:  ‪(804) 464-7565

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