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PRAXIS offers a full range of Salesforce implementation services including net-new customers, as well as rescues for customers with failed implementations.

If you are looking to implement Sales Cloud or Service cloud, contact us to get started!

Manufacturing (ERP)

With extensive hands-on experience in logistics, manufacturing, and technology, PRAXIS is uniquely positioned to support projects that require integration of Salesforce with an existing ERP application or implementing a Salesforce-based ERP solution.


We offer development services for custom solutions on the Salesforce platform. We adhere to development best-practices to created scalable, clean, and reliable code.

Process Automation

Leveraging Salesforce's automation capabilities to drive real business value requires asking the right questions. 

The goal is to let computers do what computers do best - follow instructions. This enabled the organization to focus on those tasks that are uniquely human.


As more and more companies realize the value of the Salesforce platform, the need to integrate it with other cloud and on-premise applications increases. Let PRAXIS' experience guide you through selecting the right technology to build a trusted connection.

Lightning Migration

If you've been holding off on switching to Salesforce's new and modern Lightning Experience, there's no better time to push forward.

The Lightning technology has matured and offers tremendous benefits that will make your users happier and more efficient.

"Praxis was excellent to work with ... Ohad knew the right questions to ask and the correct steps for us to develop the plan. Ultimately, this solution is working out GREAT for our users!."

Katie Bettendorf

ACLU of Northern California

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